…an integrative seminar cycle


Save the upcoming dates!
These remarkable training days will be held in the Netherlands for the first time.
Saturday & Sunday - July 11 to 12, 2020 AND Saturday & Sunday - July 18 to 19, 2020




To be empowered is a birth right, although this still means we have to learn how we can take our own lives into our own hands, how we can use our potential for the good and how our skills can help us to do so.

By connecting the inner polarity, which is often experienced as contradiction, we can allow ourselves to explore new possibilities and new energies. By expanding into a conscious awareness, changes and perceptions can be better understood and integrated. Meditations, theoretical background and a variety of exercises allow the interaction of one's own experiences.

My seminars are very resource- and action-oriented, because it is my concern to teach tools for everyday life. This toolbox is designed to help you to stay resilient and empowered in difficult
situations, for instance family-oriented or at work.

In this way, today's challenges can be mastered with ease and grace.


The focus

The Alchemy of Empowerment seminar is a series of different topics. The goal is to experience and explore your empowered self with unique tools.  It’s suitable for all people who want to change and improve their quality, both in their private and professional lives.

People who are willing to try out new ways and discover efficient tools, to consciously develop and use their diverse personal qualities, competencies and abilities will experience deeper
access to their own selves.



Through the process and action-oriented awareness work, many new tools / techniques are taught, which can be used in everyday life at any time. Through the active exchange of interaction in the group, new possibilities will unfold.

A variety of background information will support the understanding of new energies and the new consciousness of today. Therefore, the own changes and perceptions can be better understood and integrated.

Topics of the curriculum

  • Developing your inner resources, abilities, skills and potential

  • Dissolving limitations through the Inner Aspects 

  • Experiencing more inner peace and increasing your health and quality of life 

  • Expressing a new form of Empowerment and trusting your own impulses


The different topics are an integrated blend of mind- and bodywork.

You will discover how to use your potential and resources more effectively. Learn to dissolve your inner limitations, by allowing new ways of dealing with yourself in order to have more joy and quality in your everyday life, family and job.

Also learn effectively, how to use your aura field* for yourself by releasing body stories from your system, as old experiences, accidents, illnesses, traumas, injuries and unredeemed events are stored in the body and influence your presence.

Special methods, meditations and techniques will support and reactivate your mental powers which enhance your perception and bring your body into a freer flow.

This developed awareness allows you a more comprehensive understanding and implementation of your own needs, visions, competencies and abilities. Through the law of resonance, you’ll have access to new possibilities. Unfold your skills by becoming aware of many different connections within yourself.

By expanding your knowledge of the chakra and meridian system (Qi channels) and the 12 cosmic rays, you can use these tools for a more fulfilled life.


*Scientifically expressed: A measurable energy field which the body radiates.

My motto in life is:

Empowerment through Embodiment is Empowering Yourself

Empowering Yourself is Empowering People




    The seminar weekends are based on one another.
    The first two weekends of the seminar cycle will take place as follows:
    July 11-12 & 18-19, 2020 / Saturday & Sunday / each from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM



     Kasteel Zwaluwenburg
     Zwaluwenburg 6
     8084 PD 't Harde


     € 290.00 per weekend
     The seminar days, documents as well as a vegetarian snack and drinks are included in the price.
     Please pay the fee in cash on the first day of the seminar.


     As the number of participants is restricted for organizational and educational reasons, registrations will
     be considered in the order in which they are received.

     Please note: your registration is binding, since we need to definitely know how many people will participate.     

     Transportation, accommodation and all meals are the responsibilities of the participants.


     Ms. Shola Maoba Steinitz
     Head of Training, Instructor with federal certificate FA, Complementary Therapist, Founder LBQi® Method


     I have been teaching for over 40 years. I grew up with a british background in Basel and London and studied/trained in         Great Britain and in the United States.
     At the present I work in my own practice of 35 years, in which I treat people with the LBQi® Acupressure Method.                 Parallel to that I also train students to become therapists in the acupressure method in various classes.

     Until our weekends together, I wish you a good time!


Murbacherstr. 34

4056 Basel


Tel: 061 321 75 35